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Climbing plants

Creating a raised bed - 4 advantages

Create raised beds You can see more and more that amateur gardeners are creating a raised bed. Sure, because a raised bed has many advantages. A garden is something great A garden is something really great. Here you can really let off steam. What many have in their garden is a raised bed.
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Bedding plants

Destroy weeds - without chemical agents!

Weed - that is the word that pretty much every hobby gardener doesn't really like. It is not that difficult to destroy weeds. Do not use chemical agents No back-friendly work Whether in the garden, on paths or on the terrace - weeds stop at nothing and nobody.
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Multiply Magnolia - 4 simple ways presented

Many imagine it is very difficult, but multiplying a magnolia is a breeze. Simply because you have four options. Magnolias can be easily propagated Magnolias delight every observer with their wonderful growth and incomparably beautiful blooms. However, you do not necessarily have to buy such a shrub, because it is quite possible to propagate a magnolia yourself.
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